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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

News'Saudi Arabia announces limited Hajj'

News'Saudi Arabia announces limited Hajj'

Saudi Arabia announces limited Hajj, when was the Hajj canceled in history?

The Saudi government has announced that it will limit the number of Hajj pilgrims this year due to the corona virus and allow only those living in the kingdom to perform the Hajj.
A statement issued by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on the night of June 22 stated: Opportunity will be given.
Meanwhile, the Saudi Foreign Ministry also informed about the decision of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on Twitter.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said in a statement: "The Corona virus has killed nearly half a million people worldwide and affected more than seven million. In view of the Corona epidemic and the daily increase in the number of victims of the virus worldwide, it has been decided that a limited number of pilgrims from different countries residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will participate in the Hajj of 1441 AH this year.

A statement from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said: "The decision was made on the basis that the Hajj should be held in a safe and healthy environment. The requirements of protection from Corona should be met, social distance should be maintained to ensure the safety and security of the pilgrims and the objectives of Islamic Sharia regarding the protection of human life should be met.

It may be recalled that in order to stop the spread of Code 19, the Saudi government had earlier suspended the payment of Umrah at its holy places.

It should be noted that more than 1300 people have died due to corona virus in Saudi Arabia while the number of victims is more than 161,000. The Saudi government has also lifted the lockdown due to Corona from June 22, after which normalcy has been restored.

Now that Saudi Arabia has restricted the Hajj this year due to the corona virus and allowed only foreigners residing in the country to perform the Hajj, do you know when and how many times the Hajj has been canceled before? 

When was the Hajj canceled in the past?

For the first time in history, Hajj was performed in 629 AD (6 AH) under the leadership of the Prophet of Islam. Since then, this duty has been performed every year.

Although Muslims cannot imagine that Hajj will not be possible in any year. But despite this, there are about 40 occasions in history in which Hajj could not be performed and many times the Kaaba remained closed to pilgrims.

There were many reasons for this, from the attack on Baitullah to political infighting, epidemics, floods, looting of caravans of thieves and robbers, and the extreme weather.

865 AD: Attack of Al-Safaq

In 865, Ismail ibn Yusuf, known as al-Safaq, declared war on the Abbasid Empire in Baghdad and attacked Mount Arafat in Mecca.

Thousands of pilgrims were killed in the attack.

Due to the attack, the Hajj could not take place this year.

930: Attack of Qaramata

The attack is known as one of the deadliest attacks on the Saudi city of Mecca. In the year 930, Abu Tahir al-Janabi, the head of the Qaramata sect, launched a full-scale attack on Mecca, during which so much looting and killing took place that the Hajj could not be performed for many years.

983: Disputes between the Abbasi and Fatimid caliphates

In 983 AD, there was a political conflict between the Abbasids of Iraq and the leaders of the Fatimid caliphates of Egypt, during which Muslims were not allowed to travel for the Hajj. After that Hajj was performed in 991.

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