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Saturday, June 20, 2020

News'Facebook removes hate Nazi ad for Trump's

News'Facebook removes hate Nazi ad for Trump's

Facebook removes 'hate Nazi' ad for Trump's election campaign

Facebook says it has removed an advertisement posted for US President Donald Trump's election campaign that featured a logo used in Nazi Germany.

The company says the ad had an inverted red triangle and a similar symbol used for opponents during the Nazi era, especially those with communist views.

According to Trump's campaign team, the ad was actually used for the far-right social group Antifa, which they say has also used the symbol.

Facebook said the ads violated its privacy policy.

Nathaniel Glacier, the head of security policy for the social networking site, said on Thursday: Or not condemned.

The ads were placed on the pages of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and remained on those pages for about 24 hours and were viewed by thousands.

"This inverted red triangle is actually used by Antifa and has been used by Antifa in an advertisement," Trump campaign spokesman Tim Merta said in a statement.

Antifa has recently been accused by President Trump of staging protests following the assassination of black American George Floyd by police.

The president said last month that he would call the anti-fascist group a "local terrorist organization," but constitutional experts questioned whether Trump had the authority to do so.

The Antifa is actually a far-left movement against Nazism, Fascism, white supremacy and racism. This is a group that has no leaders.

Most members of the group criticize Trump's anti-immigration, nationalist and anti-Muslim policies.

The James Clayton in North America says this is the latest development between the White House and a social networking site that will worsen their already strained relationship.

Last month, Twitter tweeted a warning about President Trump's protests in the state of Minneapolis because he said it amounted to violence.

President Trump has since threatened to shut down social media companies, accusing them of trying to stifle voices.

According to James Clayton, if you forget Twitter for a while, Facebook is the platform that Trump values. The money for their political advertisements goes to the social networking sites.

Trump's move will surely anger Trump, and it certainly gives the impression that Facebook is watching some political content.

As the 2020 elections approach, Facebook's actions will be scrutinized more closely.

Earlier this month, Facebook employees made statements against the website's decision not to delete statements made by Trump on the death of George Floyd. No warning will be issued in this regard.

"We will take control in any difficult time," Trump said in a statement on his website. If looting starts, then fire will also start.

However, Twitter said the statement did not violate its policy.

Some Facebook employees said they were "embarrassed."

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