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Sunday, May 31, 2020

News 'A mysterious desert civilization of America'

News 'A mysterious desert civilization of America'

News 'A mysterious desert civilization of America'

One of America's greatest ancient treasures is located in the middle of the San Juan Basin in northwestern New Mexico. Significantly, these buildings, in their original condition, were built between 850 and 1250 BC and housed about 5,000 people.

The desert, located at the top of the Chico Canyon or Water Pass, experiences extreme cold and scorching heat, with only 22 centimetres of rain a year.
 Nevertheless, it was the cradle of a thriving but mysterious civilization inhabited by the Cubs, the ancestors of the Pueblo's.

In 1907, the 53-square-mile desert was declared a National Historical Park. There are 13 large ruins and more than 400 archaeological sites. Pueblo Bonito, the largest site to be built here, consists of two acres with 800 rooms in the shape of the English letter D.

The water supply is very well organized and the corridors are neatly constructed to facilitate transportation. Researchers estimate that there will be about 2,000 people living in it.

Those who come here today can wander in the maze of rooms in the same way as those who lived here a thousand years ago used to walk around.

 The structure supporting the roofs and floors is no more, but there are remnants of it that show how it was built. Two hundred thousand wooden pillars were used in its construction, which is most likely to have been carried from the Chukka Mountains and Mount Taylor, 112 km away.

Another impressive feature of this compound is the roads here. Their total length is 650 km and some are nine meters wide. Roads are straight and uneven ground has been cut to keep them straight.

 They connect the central part of the population to an important natural place, such as a lake or a mountain, etc., which symbolizes the relationship between man and nature. Research shows that walking on these roads was easier than the difficult roads around them.

With the help of years of research, archaeologists have come up with various theories about the cause of the Chico. Although it appears to have been an important commercial center, the architecture of the buildings suggests that it was also an important place for performing rituals and a center of impressive astronomy for the Chipmunks.

Its walls are aligned with the axis of the sunrise, and the northern corridor is directly to the north. The Pueblo tribes of New Mexico, including the Zuni tribe, consider the Chico Canyon a sacred place and go there to perform rituals.

The Chico Cultural National Historical Park and other Chico sites have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. But the biggest threat to the area over the past few years has been oil and gas mining and mining in the Chico Canyon.


News 'A mysterious desert civilization of America',In 2019, a law called the Chico Cultural Heritage Area Protection Act was introduced in the US Senate, which, if passed, would ban all such activities within a 16-kilometre radius of the site.

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